Swahili Song Lyrics of East Africa

Dark Knight

by Proveli Paragon

I’m tryna catch a moment alone
so i can get in my zone
Friends trippin’
Cuz i barely ever answer my phone
Under pressure on a tight leash
Barely had the time to write this song
Someone always saying that i’m doing something wrong
I’d be dead if i couldn’t be strong
I ain’t been home in so long
Sometimes i don’t know where i belong
I’m falling off track
cuz i’m feeling like the world doesn’t love me back
Subliminal attacks
In simple conversations at the table about the rebel
I’m supposed to be the devil
Old timers just think I’m a hooligan
Oh there he goes,Now he’s cussing again
It’s gonna be hard to make’em proud of me
I probably remind white ladies of a robbery
I honestly never wanted to hurt nobody
But the demonds in my head go crazy
When they bother me.
I know you don’t trust me
Cuz,Tears in the past that i let happnen to you
I know you don’t trust me
You really don’t have to
I’mma still ride for you
I’d die for you
My soul is black
I’m the Dark knight
It’s gonna be a long long night
For the Dark knight.
I’m tryna get my head straight
Thoughts meander
As my soul erodes like the banks of a river
With the violent calmness of a water fall
I pick myself up when i fall
When i’m wounded i crawl
Wonder who do i call
That will understand it all
When my back’s against the wall
Will anybody remember me at all
If they do, what for?
Mistakes i made before
Thrown back in my face
That’s when i zone back to my happy place
Just to find that the rainbow is gone
and the sun don’t shine no more
Darkness grips my heart
it’s slowly ripping me apart
got lost and i need a new start
I can’t win juggling
My love for music and a woman
I play the cards i was given
Will i die a hero?
Or live long enough to watch myself become the villain
Know you don’t trust me……..