Swahili Song Lyrics of East Africa

Dirty Lover

by Proveli Paragon

Verse 1
When i needed her most she was ghost
Constantly frontin’ like we’re close
she had a man
We were just friends
Didn’t understand why she’s holding my hand
right after the screaming fans
Ignoring her man
Making him Jealous
Talking about how she’s feeling replaced
By my girlfriend
and likes to pretend I’m breaking her heart
Things i do keep ripping us apart
And she mastered the art of seduction
In her tight blue dress and red shoes,
Black hair
And curves that could make you starer
Wont admit it but she really wants to know if care
That whatever we had is no longer there
She misses messing with my head
The type that’s supposed to be hard to get in bead
But if you got some money
She could simply give you head
It could be your sister or your kids mother
That just hates on my significant other
Cuz she was just a dirty Lover.
My Dirty Lover’s never around when i need her
She never likes to hold my hand when i’m lonely
Now that i’m happy she needs me to go and see her
Just to wipe away her tears cuz she’s lonely.
My dirty lover
you only love me when you need me.
My Dirty Lover
Verse 2
Once upon a time she told my homie
I want Proveli to take my virginity
But don’t tell him
I’m scared of what he’s gon’ think of me
He walks and talk
Just like the Niggaz on T.V
Making sexy look so easy
But he’ll probably think I’m sleazy
Just keep it between you and me
I’mma get him in the palm of my hand
Meanwhile she’s riding dirty in my homeboys car
Cuz she’s sick of taking the bus with me
When i got a show she wants that V.I.P plus 3
I told her sorry

But already gave that spot to my darling Nikki
That…. Finally drove my dirty lover crazy
She’s sleeping around just to picture me
Then eventually
She surrendered to crack in her life
Cuz she couldn’t get me back in her life
I’m turning my back on her tears for the rest of my years
Wishing death on my significant other
My dirty Lover.
Repeat Chorus: